Idolatry of the King Solomon

The painting had been previously conserved. This was visible with the lining canvas in the back, the old filler that started to flake off and a large number of over-paint that as discoloured with time. Painting conservators don’t use oil paint to retouch an artwork for this particular reason and it can become irreversible with time.


Light Green Mountain Landscape

‘Light Green Mountain Landscape ‘ Chinese Scroll painted in mineral pigments on silk, Queensland private collection. Previous surface repairs had failed to hold the weight of this large Chinese scroll painting.  Silk borders had deteriorated and torn, time and age had taken its toll. Pigments appear unsaturated when they have lost their pigment binder.   After consolidating pigments, replacing paper support linings, and infilling losses,… Read More


Cranes – Japanese Panel

‘Cranes’ Japanese 6-Panel Folding Screen, Queensland private collection. Unusual without silk borders and painted on white paper. Severe foxing stains, broken hinges, punctures and delamination meant it needed a complete remounting. The paintings were individually washed, relined, and stains locally reduced before the paintings re-attached. Reconstructing the folding screen from its core with seven cushioning layers of Japanese paper. Jennifer Loubser travelled to South Korea… Read More


The Louvre Museum – Transport

I was really lucky to be able to do an internship at the Louvre Museum part of my Master Degree. I worked in the loan department of the museum. To be part of this department, I was able to see a lot of different aspects of the museum.  In this portfolio, let me take you through of the transport of St George and the… Read More

+ Impurities in the paper

Chinese Hanging Scroll