The Louvre Museum – Transport

I was really lucky to be able to do an internship at the Louvre Museum part of my Master Degree. I worked in the loan department of the museum. To be part of this department, I was able to see a lot of different aspects of the museum. 

In this portfolio, let me take you through of the transport of St George and the Dragon By Raphael. This artwork lends to National Gallery of London for a temporary exhibition.

The first step is adding, in the back of the wood panel, its matriculation number.

The second step is really important before every artwork its transported. The Museum realised a condition report to check if the painting can be moved and to check in what condition at this stage. Two other one will be realised one at the arrival in the location the painting will be landed and when it will come back. This report showed normal ageing cracks and it was in excellent conservation condition.

The third step is an appropriate wrapping and the crate. Because of this artwork and the new location, a super isotherm case have been selected. The crate reduces the vibration and the atmospheric variation (humidity/Temperature) during the transport.

Generally, the Louvre uses outsider transport companies like LP ART or André Chenue S.A. They make the different crates that the museum request and they transport the artwork.

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