Stretcher vs Strainer: What do you need to use?

In the 16th century, artists found better to use fabric stretched. It allowed them to a better mode of transport, a larger size for the artists needed a wooden frame. Strainers and stretchers are the auxiliary support of painting paint on canvas. They are used in other techniques: paper, bark painting and some process of conservation too.


Conserving Hinges Of An 18th Century 8-Panel Japanese Folding Screen

Autumn and Winter are happy seasons this year for Jennifer Loubser.  She has extended the life of a historic Japanese folding screen in the collection of Queensland Art Gallery.

Karibari workshop by world renowned art conservator Ephraim Jose

Today marked the beginning of an important week for Jennifer Loubser. She is able to introduce our conservation mentor Ephraim (Eddie) Jose to the Australian conservation community.

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How to select an Art Conservator?

Choosing an art Conservator can be overwhelming. First, it depends on the type of artwork. Second, the type of conservation required: preventative conservation, curative conservation, or restoration. 


What is Art Conservation?

Art conservation is the preservation of artistic creations, from the past and the present, for the historic value and enjoyment of current and future generations. Preservation of artistic creations includes preventative conservation, curative conservation and restoration.