Jennifer Loubser

Asian painting conservator

Asian Painting conservation

Jennifer Loubser is a conservator of fine artworks who works for museums, institutions, and private collectors. She specialises in conserving traditional Asian paintings, and she is also experienced in working with contemporary and antique artworks on paper. Over the past seventeen years, she has worked with collections and collectors in America, Asia, and Australia. She trained in Japan and in South Korea, and has worked on projects in the National Palace Museum Seoul, Honolulu Museum of Arts, Thangka Conservation Centre Bhutan, Art Galleries of New South Wales and South Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland State Archives, State Library of Queensland, and many galleries and private collectors across Australia.

When conserving antique hanging scrolls, folding screens, and woodblock prints, she uses materials and techniques that match those used by the original artist. Her professional goal is to return artworks to their original brilliance while respecting their authenticity and original value, so these distinguished artistic traditions may be shared with future generations.  

Conserving fragile artworks on fibrous materials is delicate work. Refined beauty and simplicity of age-old painting traditions in Asia give her calm and boundless inspiration. Her clients tell her that her patience and tranquillity is visible in her results.

Jennifer Loubser’s work