Choosing an art Conservator can be overwhelming. First, it depends on the type of artwork. Second, the type of conservation required: preventative conservation, curative conservation, or restoration. 

Art Conservators generally specialise in one or more artwork categories: paper, painting, object, textiles, photographs, etc. Within a category, you may also find specialists in a particular century or technique. Clients should be cautious of a Conservator who promotes themselves as being able to undertake every type of conservation in every category.

A Conservator will first examine the artwork and ask questions about where it has been exhibited, stored or other pertinent questions. They will then provide a report on the current condition of the artwork, propose a treatment, if required, and supply a quote.

As conservation of art is not a licenced profession, anyone can represent themselves as a Conservator. Your selection of a Conservator should always start with a search on the website of AICCM (Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials) for a Professional Member in your area.

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