Painting conservation

An artwork can be damaged by a number of sources: environmental (temperature, humidity), pore handling and even children crayons. We conserve artwork painted with different mediums, for example, oil, acrylic, mixed medium, etc… Also, on a variety of support, example, canvas, cardboard, wood panel, Masonite, etc… Below is listed of services we are able to realise. However, it is a non-exhaustive list. If you have any question regarding your artwork or collection please contact us.

● Surface cleaning
● Mould treatment
● Stabilisation and consolidation of flaking paint layer
● Varnish removal
● Varnishing
● Infiling of missing part of the paint layer
● Retouching
● Reduce canvas deformation
● Tears / Holes repairs
● Canvas reinforcement (lining)
● Stretcher replacement
● Canvas stretching

Surface clean Surface clean
Artwork must be clean regularly to avoid irreversible damage from environment pollution, insect frass, dust…
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Mould treatment Mould treatment
Mould will develop and may fragile the artwork eating away bounding substance and irreversibly staining the paint layer.
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Stabilisation and consolidation of flaking or powdery paint layer Stabilisation and consolidation of flaking or powdery paint layer
This can be the result of a miss-step during the creation or resulting from the environment.
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Varnish removal Varnish removal
An oxidised varnish (yellow) can block the visibility of the artwork and can create further damage.
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Varnish Varnish
Every painting is different, each of them must be assessed to apply the appropriate level of protection and finishes.
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Tears / Holes repairs Tears / Holes repairs
Accident can happen, we are here to help to conserve your artwork for this become a memory.
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Reduce canvas deformation Reduce canvas deformation
We reduce deformations.
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Canvas reinforcement (lining) Canvas reinforcement (lining)
When the support is too weak we have to reinforce the canvas for a better preservation.
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Stretcher replacement Stretcher replacement
We prefer to keep the original stretcher as possible. Unfortunatly an unapropriate or unhealthy stretcher can create damages and further deformations.
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Canvas stretching Canvas stretching
The appropriate tension to stretch a canvas is important as the canvas will move with the variation of humidity and temperature.
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Infiling of missing part of the paint layer Infiling of missing part of the paint layer
The infill is an important step in the restoration process as during this step we will build the filler to mimic the brush stroke of the artistic and support to make our work less visible during the retouch.
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Retouch Retouch
We use conservation grade colours to retouch that we adapt to the artwork.